Print and Web Publications

My work has appeared in several international digital art magazines, and has been featured on the front page of several online art communities. I appreciate their promotion of my work!

If you are a representative of an e-zine or magazine and would like to contact me about a feature of my work, please visit my contact page.

My work covers a wide range of styles and approaches, and is therefore suitable for a diverse range of online projects. From the bright and colorful artwork which you might encounter on a site such as Cheeky Bingo, to more professional and corporate designs, I am able to tailor my work to suit the client with which I am working. I hope that the examples of my work which have featured in these publications will demonstrate this. These pieces also act as an indication of the style and quality of my work - take a look at the features below!

Photoshop Creative Magazine feature

Two of my works were chosen to be featured in the magazine and I was asked to write a review of how I found their online version of the magazine to be useful to me as an artist. The magazine is one of my 'must-haves' for inspiration and advice. I have been told by someone in the UK that I was given another feature but have not seen the published magazine in the U.S. yet.

Online Publications

Photoshop Creative Magazine feature

ImagineFX features an image from their online subscribers gallery to be featured daily on their website. My image 'The Butterfly Bringer' was chosen as one of their daily images of the day in 2009. The image was also featured in one of the editions of the reader's gallery that is part of the dvd that accompanies the printed magazines in each issue. This is another one of my favorite resource magazines for inspiration and advice. I would highly recommend you checking them out if you have an interest in digital art and illustration.

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